"Hey kid, here's my gift to you. And don't be sad if your mom didn't give you a present...
...there's always next year."

OF COURSE this sentence was never spoken to me, guys, how could you think this even for a second!? So today I refused to do work of any kind,  and instead thought it best to spend it playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. Could not have spent it any better (well, I can think of one thing which would have been better). 

 Have a Merry Christmas everyone

I hear that Twitter was spammed, after the latest Bleach chapter, with “Ichigo can’t get it up for Rukia".
lol'd, hard

Sorry to those who support the pairing on my f-list, but outstanding work there Twitter. It almost made me want to sign up with you, almost.

The hell is this shit?

I just went to play tennis with my little brother at my local club. For years we had joyously played there. That is until the biggest asshole on the planet at that very moment came up to us and said we had to pay 10 pounds for a whole hour now! A whole hour, wow! Isn't that a very long, underpriced, and very reasonable deal? Who agrees?


"It's worked that way for years," he says, "we need money to uphold the courts", which includes hosing the baseline with extremely expensive tap water, and if they're spending lavishely, shitting on them. Let's ignore the fact he was lying on both accounts - the courts are a death trap, they should pay us to play on them. On normal well-kept courts, hosing them with water would be called vandalism. Not on these courts, the man says, "because they're so bad, it actually makes them more grippy and less life-threatening!" By this point I'm pretty sure this guy is troling me.

The biggest irony in all this is I actually won a tournament at this club when I was younger, several times. 'No champions allowed' hurrr derrrp
The guy also told us not to disturb the crows as we were walking back across the field, otherwise they would attack us. Crows, traditionally known to be docile creatures, attack people from no reason now.

Join me as I take extreme precautionary measures against the crows, by nuking them that is.

Georgie get well soon!



Greatest there ever was...
Federer here.

Feels good man!

Kallen is better than you












I nearly got a cold today for the first time in over a year, but I didn't, so my healthyness goes on. I'm fairly certain the near-miss is because I had an exam this morning, an event which always seems to be detrimental to my health. It did go well though, so it's all good.

Ah, and sky has a really cool avatar and sig on animesuki, which I'm gonna stare at for a while. Speaking of which, some people never cease to amaze me with their expertise for completely useless facts, such as CC's mech statistics. Please, Kallen is the heralded ace of the Black Knights, which means she's better than you.


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Bleach 136 - Tastes like a Failburger

Writing about this was painful, imagine subbing it.     

Yesterday I decided to go back and rewatch a few of the older episodes of Bleach, and I found this one. Watching it was possibly the most excruciating experience of my life, but I did it. I watched Bleach filler. No sorry, the Tsundere entry will have to wait. This lol-fest simply must come first.

Let’s get to Hueco Taco Bell now, and it seems that they are introducing the Failface which will be leading us on your AGONIZING journey of this “arrancar rebel arc”, otherwise known as, “What the fuck is this steaming pile of shit” arc. Failface, who’s actualy name is Patros (where do they come up with this?), looks like Mario the Plumber, I know this is an insult to our favourite Nintendo mascot, but it was the first thing that caught my mind when I saw his ugly face and surprisingly cool moustache. Since Patros doesn’t encompass how crap he is, let’s just call him Failface. Everyone loves Shiny things, especially when they hold enormous potential to make you a God-like being, the Ho-cube is one of those things. Failface wants to lick the Ho-cube, you can see it in his ugly eyes. But not if Ulquiorra can help it, the loyal servant of Aizen and top Espada will not stand for it.

He Came.

"It's-a-me, Failface!"

Failface is unhappy with Ulquiorra’s submissiveness to Aizen and feels that the Espada are overrated, and therefore should be scolded and spanked very many times. Ulquiorra remains unmoved as Failface tells him that the Arrancar are just Aizen’s guinea pigs, that he just using them. Well, Aizen could probrably use them as his 70’s hair gel if he wanted, its nothing new to us. Let’s recap, Ulquiorra is pretty much the Vegeta of Bleach his power is at scouter breaking levels. So there’s absolutely no way that Failface could ever bring him down right? Wrong. So very wrong, Failface apparently enlisted the help of two very gay and shit looking henchmen….and they managed to bring Ulquiorra down. Yes, that’s right, one of the strongest Espada has just been brought down by random filler arrancars that look gayer than a night at the Mardi Gras. I nearly choked on the bottle of water I was drinking.



 Naturally, it was time to swipe the Ho-cube after taking out an ESPADA with their really sissy-like attacks. Seriously, there wasn’t any ceros or releases or anything, Ulquiorra was raped by attacks that even Kon could pull off without any trouble. In fact, you, my dear reader, could probrably disembowel an Espada at their current level of power (see: negative nine thousand). After some blabbing that I don’t remember, the three clowns arrive at Karakura town. Failface gets his two rebel arrancar to “deal” with Histugaya’s attachment of Shinigami. One of his henchmen, who I call “Shameless Fag” because his entire crotch section is about to burst open from his arrancar robes, calls Hitsugaya and his team, “Lame”. It was the ultimate moment of Irony, it’s like if you are walking down the road and see dog shit lying on the sidewalk, and that piece of shit said to you, “You’re nothing but crap”. Yeah, that’s the kind of Irony being displayed in this episode of Bleach.

The Shameless Fag and his partner, FailNappa, engage their “sword releases”. This roughly means, “Prepare for epic and inevitable failure” to the audience watching. Their released forms look like crap, in fact, they look more suited to belong in my dinner’s serving of Spaghetti Marinara. The Crotch dude releases into a Shellfish-thing with four tentacles and his stupid partner releases into an ACTUAL Shell fish. Now, the Shellfish-thing fails less because he can still attack with his tentacles (he still sucks, however). Shellfish guy just sucks so hard, his ability is, CLOSING THE SHELL. Wow, gasp, terrific, what a fantastic power. Maybe I should invent a fucking arrancar, which releases his sword and turns into a Garbage can, that way I can throw his episode into him, and he would already be more useful than these sorry excuse for Bleach filler villains.

The only redeeming part of this episode was Kon, he made a joke which was semi-funny. Unfortunately good things don’t last for half a second in this filler episode, before the blanket of failure once again devours Kon. He meets Failface, and gets beaten up by the time Renji gets to him. That’s right guys, the “Super-strong” rebel leader beat up Kon. Why would you even bother? Why did he stop just to beat Kon up? Is he stupidly retarded? The answer is Yes, Failface not only looks like shit, but his brain is probrably made up of goose feathers. Naturally, when Failface reaches Urahara shop, everyone decides to engage him in battle. This includes the Bounto sensor dolls, which is also ironic, considering they came from a filler arc VASTLY superior to this maggot filled filth they seem to be serving us right now. To nobody’s surprise Failface has a power level which unprecendeted, especially in the “Total Bullshit” department. Note to Bleach filler writers, an overpowered arrancar rebel boss which looks like Super Mario is not badass, he is at best, laughable.

Howl! Midgetmaru!!!

Renji’s unleashes his Zabimaru as usual, and it has no effect. Did you see this coming? of course you did. He should just Bankai get it over with, but it seems Renji just can’t help but test Failface’s power. A decision which causes him much strife, as Failface’s level one “Sonicboom” (face it, it look’s like Guile’s special from Street Fighter) levels Renji and the ground below him. According to Failface, that was just one of many “levels” of Sonicboom which he could pull out of his ass.

Which one looks more shit?

Renji, who was probably as enraged at how ridiculous he looked when he got beaten one of those 9000 times prior, released his limiter seal and went Bankai. Apparently this time, as he was transforming, he was enveloped by a large swirling mass of vanilla ice cream. Usually it was a lot of smoke, but this time, it was a “delicious” transition. One more thing which gets to me though, is how Renji always has to announce “Babboon King Zabimaru” everytime he Bankais. We know dude, we know, who else could it be? Gorilla King Kong? Keanu Reeves? Of course its Babboon King Zabimaru. Even though it looks nothing like a Babboon, moreso a Skeletal Dragon. Perhaps everytime I reach for my water bottle in University, I should walk up to the lecturer’s podium and shout, “DRINK, MINERAL WATER!!!!”

Anyway, I think that's it for me and Bleach filler. FOREVER. (Unless Orihime features prominently)

Is Light an evil bastard?
I love Death Note and I love Yagami Light. His brilliance must be talked about, and I will fullfil this necessity, even if no one reads it.

Death Note does not paint the critical issue of whether or not Light as Kira is evil or not in black in white. Throughout the anime, the question is raised over and over again whether or not Kira is actually evil. Matsuda brings it up early on, voicing the fact that crime has indeed been reduced by Kira's judgments--importantly, Souichirou Yagami, identified by the mangaka as the true personification of justice in the world of Death Note doesn't actually shoot him down, at least not at that point. Matsuda, who in many respects is the most normal and human member of the team, again brings up the point after Chief Yagami's death when he questions whether or not Kira is evil at all. Though he shoots Light in the finale, it's more out of his emotional distress over Light's betrayal and the perception that he had driven his father to his death. In the last pages of the manga, which will most likely be covered in the anime special, Matsuda is still questioning whether or not they did the right thing by assisting Near in Light's elimination.

It is true that Light slips further and further into darkness and his portrayal as the series progresses makes him harder and harder to view as an agent of justice, but before I address that, many people seem to advocate that L, Near, and Mello represent some sort of clear good in the world of Death Note. This isn't true either; L and Near represent the law and the entrenched legal system, but they're never painted as truly "good." L is more righteous and honorable than Near by far, and the greater contrast in his way of thinking compared to Light (as well as the similarities) is part of what makes the first arc so good, but L himself is shown to be very capable of ruthlessness in upholding what he believes is justice. Right from the beginning, he sacrifices a prisoner's life, and is repeatedly shown to be willing to let a few people die so that he can make moves that will permanently put Kira down and prevent any more deaths after that. All very sensible things, but not the kind of things a traditional anime protagonist would be willing to do, and certainly not the type of behavior a traditional "do-good" hero would engage in. Near, who I do not like as much as L, is far more ruthless than L in many respects, and barely seems to value the lives of the FBI agents serving under him. So his defeat of Light hardly seems like a true black and white moral statement. This isn't a case of the hero beating the big bad villain and making a happy ending.

And now, Light himself. By the end of the anime he's started to go a bit insane, but I feel that the writer deliberately refrains from making some sort of blanket, all-encompassing moral statement on whether or not Light's mission, and his killings, were wrong. To me, Light is someone who started with genuinely good intentions, and with a mission, had he been able to stay true to it in the strictest sense (killing ONLY criminals and not the police agents pursuing him, and not those that assisted him in his journey like Takada) might really have become justice. But he's corrupted by the power of the Death Note; he is possibly one of the most capable humans that ever lived, but he couldn't handle it. And therein is the real moral message of Death Note; not that killing criminals is wrong, but with power of such magnitude, no human could possibly resist being corrupted and losing themselves. Near even says something to this effect in his final speech to Light. And in the anime, when Light sees the person he used to be, it's again emphasized that Light was never a bad person at all before he found the Death Note--the sympathy we feel for him at the end is proof that the anime team didn't intend to completely vilify Light.

Sup folks. You may know me as Kakashi from AnimeSuki. Different name, same guy, address me how you like.

There’s a strong emphasis in this blog to ensure that I have the freedom to behave like raving lunatic, act all serious, and to be a rabid fanboy when the full moon comes up. I've recently been smitten by Inoue Orihime from Bleach, so expect mad ramblings reiterating how remarkable she is. At these times also expect a loss of rational thought -- similar to that which Goku experienced as he transformed into a Great Ape. My main priority however, is to entertain my currently diminutive readership.

You’ll find that I tend to do more feature posts on certain aspects of anime when I can, offer my thoughts on the occasional manga chapter and/or anime episode, as well as real life issuez.

By now you're probably thinking you never asked for the preamble, well too bad, you got one. Feel free to leave a comment, or an insult. I find both equally amusing. Until next time.


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